Have you ever noticed a mysterious blue haze trailing behind your vehicle? Blue exhaust smoke can be concerning, but fear not! Understanding why it occurs and how to address it can save you from potential engine troubles. In this article, we delve into the causes of blue smoke emission and introduce you to effective solutions from Wynn’s to combat this issue head-on.

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What Does Blue Smoke from Exhaust Mean?

Blue smoke emanating from your vehicle’s exhaust is often indicative of an underlying issue within the engine. Unlike the transparent vapor of water vapor or the black clouds associated with rich fuel combustion, blue smoke signifies the burning of oil.

Several factors can lead to oil entering the combustion chamber:

  • Worn Piston Rings: Over time, piston rings can degrade, allowing oil to seep into the combustion chamber and burn along with the fuel.
  • Valve Seal Leakage: Faulty valve seals may permit oil to leak into the combustion chamber, resulting in blue smoke upon ignition.
  • Cylinder Wall Damage: Damage to the cylinder walls can lead to oil consumption and subsequent blue smoke emission during combustion.

Understanding the root cause of blue smoke is crucial for effective resolution. Ignoring the issue can lead to decreased engine performance, increased emissions, and potential damage to vital engine components.

How to Get Rid of Blue Smoke from Exhaust

Fortunately, addressing blue smoke emissions doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right products and maintenance routine, you can restore your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Here’s where Wynn’s comes into play with two remarkable solutions:

  • Wynn’s Stop Smoke: Designed to combat excessive blue exhaust smoke caused by oil burning, Wynn’s Stop Smoke offers a comprehensive solution. This additive works by rejuvenating worn piston rings and valve seals, effectively reducing oil consumption and minimizing blue smoke emission. Simply add Wynn’s Stop Smoke to your engine oil during regular oil changes to experience noticeable results.
  • Wynn’s Super Charge: Wynn’s Super Charge enhances the high-temperature viscosity properties of engine oils, thereby improving viscosity and fortifying the oil film under high temperatures. This restoration of compressions and reduction of blue smoke emissions make it an ideal solution for engines displaying signs of wear and excessive oil consumption. Employing Wynn’s Super Charge regularly not only guarantees peak engine performance but also serves as a proactive measure against potential occurrences of blue smoke in the future.


Blue exhaust smoke may seem alarming, but with the right knowledge and products, you can address the issue effectively. Wynn’s Stop Smoke and Super Charge offer tailored solutions to combat blue smoke emission, restoring your vehicle’s performance and reducing environmental impact. Don’t let blue smoke cloud your driving experience—trust Wynn’s to keep your engine running smoothly mile after mile.