Stop Smoke

Wynn's Stop Smoke is an oil soluble supplement designed to reduce exhaust smoke due to oil burning.

  • Reduces exhaust smoke due to oil burning.
  • Improves the viscosity properties of the oil at high oil temperatures.
  • Seals the gaps between worn engine components.
  • Improves compression and engine performance.
  • Reduces engine noise.
  • Ensures a strong protective oil film under high temperature conditions.


For petrol, LPG and diesel engines.
For cars with excessive blue/grey exhaust smoke due to oil burning.
Especially effective in older engines with worn components.
Can also be used as preventive agent in case of heavy load and high temperature operation


Add contents to the oil when engine is warm. To obtain a good mixture with the oil after adding it, let the engine run or drive with the car for 5 minutes. 1 bottle of 325 ml treats 3-6 litres of engine oil.
Use at oil change or between oil changes as needed.
Allow the Wynn's Stop Smoke to drain fully from the bottle.


PN 50865 – 12x325 ml – EN/ES/PT/RU/EL/NL/FR/DE



City traffic, traffic jams and short drives lead to higher stress on today’s vehicles engines. Combined with too long oil change intervals, this can result in a premature degradation of oil properties and the engine components can cease to function normally in the oil system. Good lubrication is essential for your engine, but for some components such as the turbo it is crucial! Poor lubrication of the turbo can result in it jamming or being destroyed.

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