In the past month, fuel prices have exponentially risen in all the countries in Europe.

fuel consumption

The highest figures were seen in the Netherlands, Norway, and Germany. In these countries, E5 (Super) is currently 25-30% more expensive than the average for Europe.


That is why we are all looking to save money and fuel.

Even though we know that the best way to save fuel is to avoid using our cars, sometimes we don’t have this option.

That is why we leave you some unusual fuel-saving techniques that might help you save a considerable sum of money for those trips that you need to make:  

10 tips


No hard accelerations

The reason why: Accelerations add stress to the engine and transmission, burning fuel more quickly.

No hard braking

The reason why: Lower gears require faster engine revolutions which in turn demand more fuel.

Clean the fuel system regularly to maintain performance and response 

The reason why: Cleaning the fuel system helps remove deposits and opens the pathways that carry fuel and oxygen to your engine.

Remove roof boxes and trailers when not in use

The reason why: Increasing weight at the ‘frontal area’ of the vehicle destroys the aerodynamics of the car.

Check tire pressure regularly

The reason why:  Ignoring tire pressure for a month will make your car lose from 1 PSI to 2 PSI.  The result will be pressure drupe that could reduce fuel economy.

Check wheels alignments

The reason why: Poor wheel alignment accelerates tire wear, reduces fuel efficiency, makes wheels work against each other, and impedes braking ability. When your vehicle is out of alignment, it affects your entire vehicle.

Keep your oil system clean and ensure service is not due.

The reason why: including replacement of fuel filters air filter and spark plugs (petrol engine) when required

Prefer AC to windows open

The reason why: Vehicles are designed to be aerodynamic. Driving with the windows open costs you fuel.

Plan your route to avoid peak traffic.

The reason why: Stop-start traffic allows more time at idle.

Use a navigation app to drive the least km.

The reason why: The app navigation algorithm will select the most fuel-efficient route to take.

Let us know your experience once you put these tips into practice!