Car Preparation

This year we have used our vehicles less…

… and only for short drives. Clogged injectors can cause increased fuel consumption, higher emissions and reduced vehicle performance.

Clean your injectors with Diesel/Petrol Injector Cleaner before you going on holidays.


Oil Check

Not driven enough kilometers to service your car this year? Clean your motor with Engine Flush and change your engine oil at least once a year.

Don’t forget to check your oil level before you leave.


Clean your windshield

A good view through your windshield will make it easier to spot danger on the road.

It will also prevent the windshield from getting scratched by the wipers.


Tyre preparation

Check your tyre pressure. Low tyre pressure can increase the fuel consumption.

Always keep Tyre Fix in your car. It fixes a flat tyre temporarily.

Check the tyres for damage and wear.