Ice Proof for Diesel


Wynn's Ice Proof for Diesel has been developed:
1) to improve diesel fuel fluidity at low temperatures
2) to prevent settling of wax crystals.

  • Can significantly improve cold weather performance across a broad spectrum of diesel fuel.
  • Depresses the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) up to -30°C.
  • The CFPP reduction is dependent on the properties and the composition of the diesel fuel that has to be treated.
  • Optimised to treat the widest possible range of middle distillate diesel fuel compositions for internal combustion engines.
  • Slows down the formation of wax crystals.
  • Prevents settling of wax crystals in the tank.
  • Harmless to exhaust gas after-treatment systems.


Wynn's Ice Proof for Diesel treats all regular diesel fuels.
Also for diesel fuel mixed with max. 30 % bio diesel.


Add Ice Proof for Diesel to the diesel fuel tank before topping up.
For optimum effect add Ice Proof for Diesel approx. 5°C above the cloud point of the diesel fuel (maximum temperature for application around 0°C).
Dose: one bottle of 250 ml treats 250 litres diesel fuel.
Use the dosing bottle as follows: Open the cap a little. Slightly squeeze the bottle to fill the measuring reservoir to the required level. Open the cap completely and add to the diesel fuel tank.


PN 22710 – 12x250 ml – EN/FR/DE/IT/NL/HU/EL/RU



The fuel system of a car is highly engineered and extremely sensitive to contamination. This contamination can increase engine noise, exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and reduce lubrication and engine power. Using Wynn’s Fuel treatments on a regular basis will help keep the fuel system clean and the engine operating efficiently, reducing your fuel consumption and cutting harmful emissions drastically. It will save you money and it is good for the environment!