Anti-Insect Screen-Wash

Wynn's Anti-Insect Screen-Wash is a strongly concentrated cleaning product for windshield washer systems.

  • Removes insects, greasy deposits and dirt from windshield and headlamps.
  • Does not attack paint or rubber.
  • Leaves no white strokes on the coachwork.
  • Causes no reflections on the windows.
  • Due to the high concentration only a small quantity of product has to be added to the water.


All spray washer equipment of cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles.


Add 1 part of Wynn's Anti-Insect Screen-Wash to 20 parts of water in the tank of the washer system, which means 50 ml of Wynn's Anti-Insect Screen-Wash per litre water.


PN 45201 – 24x250 ml – EN/FR/IT/NL/EL/RU/HU
PN 45202 – 12x1 l – EN/FR/DE/EL/RU/RO/LV/CS/PL/HU




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