Automatic Transmission Flush and Fill Machine

Service machine to clean the oil system of automatic gearboxes in a simple and effective way.

  • Cleans the oil system of automatic gearboxes with the Wynn’s Automatic Transmission Flush.
  • High exchange rate of up to 100% compared to only 50% with a classic drain and fill.
  • No mixing of old and new fluid.
  • Easy connection to the transmission or transmission oil cooler lines. Operates on the vehicle’s battery (12V)


Engine Petrol & Hybrid petrol, Diesel & Hybrid diesel

Recommended when changing ATF of automatic gearboxes or when experiencing shifting problems, fluctuating RPM or not retaining the correct gear. For all types of cars with AT gearboxes. Not to be used on high-pressure systems of buses, trucks, bulldozers, etc.

How to use

  1. Use at each oil change or more frequently if required

To be used with Wynn's Automatic Transmission Treatment and Wynn's Automatic Transmission Flush (see TranSERVE® instruction manual).

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