Super Rust Penetrant

Maintenance Spray

Wynn's Super Rust Penetrant is a multifunctional lubricant and penetrating oil.

  • Quickly frees locked, rusted or corroded parts.
  • Lubricates and cleans precision parts and devices.


Rusted joints and fittings.
To free bolts, nuts, locks, hinges.
To lubricate and clean weapons, cables and precision mechanisms.


Apply by means of spraycan, brush or by immersion.
To free parts : apply Wynn's Super Rust Penetrant, allow to set a few minutes and loosen. In obstinate cases, repeat at 10 to 15 minutes intervals.
In case of difficult starting caused by humidity in the ignition : spray on inside distributor, allow to set and start.


PN 56479 – 12x500 ml aerosol – EN/FR/DE/IT/RU/EL/NL/PL



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