Injection System Cleaning Machine
W68432 · 500ml

Cleans injection systems of petrol and diesel engines without disassembly and during engine running.

  • Operates without disassembly of fuel system components.
  • Easy to connect and easy handling.
  • Operates via the vehicle's battery (12 V).
  • When the treatment is completed, the apparatus automatically stops and an alarm is activated. The machine can be switched off at any time during the treatment.
Parts Effectiveness
Fuel Pump


Engine Petrol & Hybrid petrol, Diesel & Hybrid diesel

Can be connected to all petrol injection systems (carburettor, K-, KE-, L-, LE-, LH-, Mono-jetronic, Motronic, Renix, direct injection, etc.) and diesel engines (prechamber and direct injection, common rail, injection-pump unit). Suitable for passenger cars and trucks, marine and stationary engines.

How to use

For exclusive use with Wynn’s fluids: Wynn's Injection System Purge Wynn’s Diesel System Purge

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500 ml