For diesel and petrol particulate filters

Wynn's DPF & GPF On-Car Cleaner with its Low Foam nonflammable formulation has been especially developed to allow workshops to clean out and restore Particulate Filters in diesel and petrol vehicles in a safe, fast and efficient way without the need to remove the filter from the vehicle.

  • Removes soot and ash deposits from blocked diesel & gasoline particulate filters.
  • Non-flammable formulation
  • No need to remove the particulate filter from the vehicle


Recommended for all diesel and petrol particulate filters


Pré-application checks
1) Check for faults codes and confirm Particulate Filter blockage
2) Check engine oil level. In case of oil dilution carry out a Wynn’s Oil System Cleaner (Flush) and change the oil & filter
3) Confirm vehicle has as least a ¼ a tank of fuel before commencing treatment.
4) Bring vehicle up to operating temperature and switch off engine
5) For Euro 6 diesel vehicles disconnect the Air Flow Sensor to prevent the low pressure EGR Valve operating during treatment

1) Feed the applicator tube directly into the particulate filter via either the, Metal Pressure
Sensor Pipe, Temperature Sensor or Oxygen Sensor. Ensure the chosen sensor is lower than the turbo to prevent product running back into the engine Properties
2) Spray Wynn’s DPF & GPF On-Car Cleaner into the particulate filter until the can is empty
3) Allow the product to soak for 15-30 minutes
4) Refit the Pressure Sensor Pipe or Temperature/Oxygen Sensor
5) After soak time restart engine and idle for 5 minutes, then run engine at 2,000-2,500 rpm for 5 minutes
6) If Air flow Sensor was disconnected reconnect
7) Clear Fault codes and reset Particulate Filter Data if required
8) Carry out extended road test

Best Practice
✓ After treatment carry out a Wynn’s Oil System Cleaner (Flush) and an oil and Filter change
✓ Diesel Engines - Add one bottle each of Wynn’s Diesel Extreme Injector Cleaner and DPF Regenerator to the vehicle’s fuel tank (minimum ½ a tank of fuel)
✓ Petrol Engines – Add one bottle of Wynn’s GDI Efficiency Restorer and Catalytic Convertor & oxygen Sensor Cleaner to the vehicles fuel tank (minimum ½ a tank of fuel)


PN 29079 – 12x500 ml – EN/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/DE/EL/RU



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