Diesel System Treatment

Wynn's Diesel System Treatment is an additive which improves the diesel fuel quality and combustion.

  • Cleans pump and injectors.
  • Increases the cetane number and improves the ignition quality and combustion.


For all diesel engines with or without turbocharger.


Normal treatment: 1 to 2 litres of product per 1.000 litres of diesel fuel.
Curative treatment (in case of excessive exhaust smoke or dirty injection system): 1 litre of product per 200 litres of diesel fuel. After initial treatment, revert to normal dosage.


PN 51695 – 12x1 l – EN/FR/DE/NL/ES/IT/JA



Both modern cars and older vehicles have specific requirements, that have a chemical solution to provide the optimal engine performance and driving comfort. Modern fuel systems are highly tuned and therefore more susceptible to the negative effects of chemical reactions in the fuel. These lead to fouling of the fuel system, lack of lubrication, corrosion and other problems. Older vehicles experience problems to obtain the correct air/fuel ratio and combustion efficiency due to accumulation of deposits in the fuel system and wear on the components.