Cylinder Block Seal

Wynn's Cylinder Block Seal repairs cracks in cylinder blocks without dismantling.

  • Forms a glass hard layer when exposed to air.
  • Repairs cracks in cylinder blocks of cast iron, steel and aluminium, without dismantling.
  • Stops head gasket leaks.
  • Assures a permanent repair in 30 minutes.
  • Resists high pressures, water pressure and vibration.
  • Does not clog hoses.
  • Does not repair rubber gaskets (such as cylinder-head gaskets).


Internal and external cracks in cylinder blocks, which lead to external or internal water loss to the oil system or combustion chamber.
In case of severe white exhaust smoke.
In case of coffee coloured oil/water emulsion in the oil system (can be seen on fillercap).


Please read the Technical Information Sheet


PN 72250 – 24x325 ml



Cooling system problems, such as leaks and insufficient cooling due to fouling of the system, are the primary cause of vehicle breakdowns. To prevent these problems Wynn’s recommends radiator treatments.

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