Commercial Vehicle Injector Cleaner & Fuel Filter Primer

Commercial Vehicle Injector Cleaner & Fuel Filter Primer

W25290 · 1000ml

Diesel Injector Cleaner & Fuel Filter Primer is a diesel additive, designed to restore the injector spray pattern, clean the fuel system, whilst raising fuel quality & improving combustion.

  • Restores injector spray pattern
  • Cleans & lubricates the diesel fuel system
  • By priming the filter, the high-pressure pump, fuel lines & injectors are instantly cleaned
  • Improves power performance on heavy-duty diesel engines
  • Reduces soot deposits
  • Prevents fouling of the fuel filter
  • Increases the cetane number improving combustion
  • Reduces diesel knock
  • Protects the fuel system against corrosion
Parts Effectiveness
Fuel FIlter
Fuel Pump
Combustion Chamber
EGR Valve


Engine Diesel & Hybrid diesel
Fuel Diesel up to B30 (premium & regular)

Suitable for all heavy-duty diesel engines for vans, trucks, buses, and boats as well as off-road fuels

How to use

  1. Add to vehicle fuel tank or use to prime diesel fuel filter
  2. 1 bottle treats up to 500 litres of diesel fuel (2 ml per litre)
  3. Maximum dosage 1 litre to 75 litres of fuel

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1000 ml