Commercial Vehicle Emission Reducer

Commercial Vehicle Emission Reducer

W62190 · 1000ml

Diesel Emission Reducer is a multifunctional additive for diesel fuel designed to immediately improve combustion, reduce exhaust & soot emissions whilst providing better fuel economy

  • Effective cleaning of the exhaust system to restore efficiency
  • Rapidly reduces exhaust soot & emissions
  • Improves combustion & engine performance
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Specifically designed to pass European Emission Testing Regulation
  • Compatible with latest Euro-6 technology
Parts Effectiveness
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst


Engine Diesel & Hybrid diesel
Fuel Diesel up to B30 (premium & regular)

How to use

  1. Add 1 litre to the vehicle fuel tank (min. of 75L)
  2. Treats up to 500 litres diesel fuel
  3. For best results, add 250 km before technical inspection

Use as vehicle service intervals or in case of stop start driving & regular emission issues use every 10,000 km/or every 3 months . Can be used as a curative treatment in the event of an emission failure

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1000 ml