Chain Lube

Wynn's Chain Lube is a strongly adhesive water repellent lubricant with high penetrating properties.

  • Outstanding lubricating, adhesive and penetration power.
  • Is water repellent.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Retards friction and wear.
  • Prevents dirt accumulation and deposits. Resists mud, cold, hot or salt water.
  • Prevents seizing of mechanisms.
  • Does not conduct electricity.
  • Prevents squeaking and creaking.


Treats mechanisms whose lubrication is either not easy or not continuous:
motorcycles and bicycle chains, chain saws
tools for workshops, DIY, agriculture a.s.o.
lever mechanisms, locks, hinges, sash-windows, doors
cables, worm gears, Bowden cables, gears, chain conveyors, joint links.


Remove lubricant or dirt residues by means of a product like WYNN'S BRAKE AND CLUTCH CLEANER.
Spray on elements to lubricate only.
Let the solvent evaporate.
Do not add Wynn's Chain Lube to engine oil.


PN 66479 – 12x500 ml aerosol – EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/NL/EL/RU/PL/DA/FI/SV/NO



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