Specialist in additives

Wynn’s takes care of your car!

We live in a fast changing world where today’s technology can be outdated tomorrow. This is particularly true in the automotive industry where the ever changing requirements for engine technology in order to meet environmental legislation have led to an increased need for chemical treatments.

As well as new technologies other outside influences such as weather conditions, traffic jams, city traffic, driving short distances, fuel quality can all seriously affect the operation of the engine.

Wynn’s offers a range of additives to prevent and solve oil, fuel, gearbox and cooling system problems. Wynn’s also offers an air conditioning treatment that combats bacterial contamination and the related bad odours.

Consumer Range

Wynn’s Consumer Range is a complete range of high-quality products for consumers to help protecting and enhance the three essential fluid systems in the car: fuel, oil and coolant.

Professional Range

Wynn’s products help solve many of today’s vehicle problems for the workshops by means of a large range of specialist treatments and equipment. In order to meet the requirements of the markets, Wynn’s has several services for its professional customers, i.e. the linking of a workshop service with a chemical solution.

Fleet Range

Building on our vast experience, premium fleet products have been developed. Our technically advanced products exceed the manufacturers’ specifications in order to provide added protection. Using Wynn’s for your vehicle fleet will help ensure engine reliability and protect your investment.