Wynn’s Equipment Range

Wynn’s has a complete range of professional equipment for maintenance of vehicles.

Wynn’s FuelServe

Wynn’s FuelServe is an easy to connect  service machine for the effective cleaning of injection systems for petrol and diesel engines, without disassembly, using Wynn’s Injection System Purge (ISP) for petrol engines and Wynn’s Diesel System Purge (DSP) for diesel engines. A service with Wynn’s FuelServe:

  • Cleans the complete fuel system (injectors, combustion chamber,etc.)
  • Restores optimal engine performance
  • Improves driving comfort

Wynn’s TranSERVE

Wynn’s TranSERVE is a service machine to clean the oil system of automatic gearboxes to restore a optimal performance and changing up to 90% of the ATF in automatic gearboxes without dismantling.

Due to oil aging, internal pollution and wear, following problems can occur in AT gearboxes:

  • Shifting problems
  • Fluctuating RPM
  • Not retaining the correct gear

Wynn’s TranSERVE in combination with Wynn’s Automatic Transmission Flush, cleans the oil system of automatic gearboxes. It safely removes varnish deposits and prepares the transmission for new fluid. It is recommended to use Wynn’s Automatic Transmisson Flush when changing ATF of automatic gearboxes or when experiencing one of the above problems.

Use Wynn’s Automatic Transmission Treatment with Wynn’s TranSERVE to protect the new ATF and automatic gearbox parts. It is developed to stop and prevent leaks and ease shifting.

Wynn’s Aircomatic III

Wynn’s Aircomatic III is a machine with dual action, to be used only with the products: Wynn’s Airco-Clean and Wynn’s Air Purifier.

Wynn’s Airco-Clean eliminates the growth of micro-organisms. It removes greasy deposits, dust and other contamination from the airco evaporator. Wynn’s Airco-Clean is nebulized by an ultrasonic cell into a small mist of < 5 micron. Because of the size of the mist, dismantling of the pollen filter is NOT necessary when applying Airco-Clean. This results in an optimal cleaning of the airco evaporator and ventilation channels.

Wynn’s Air Purifier is a simple to use treatment that restores a fresh smelling passenger compartment. In combination with the ozone treatment it will remove unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke, odors from pets and food and any other difficult to remove odors. Wynn’s Air Purifier in combination with the ozone treatment, neutralizes bad smells by means of a chemical reaction with their molecules (molecular technology), instead of simply masking them.

Cleaning Serve

Wynn’s Cleaning Serve is a service machine to clean fuel storage tanks. After insertion of a tube in the storage tank, the Cleaning Serve filters the fuel by means of 3 filters for an optimal result. The cleaned fuel flows back into the storage tank. Deposits remain in the filters of the Cleaning Serve.

  • Removes water
  • Removes silt, deposits and sludge due to micro-organisms.