New and tested solution for a professional vehicle interior disinfection service.
Disinfects the cabin interior surfaces in a safe, easy and efficient way.
To be used with Wynn’s Aircomatic®.

  • Eliminates microbial contamination including enveloped viruses & bacteria from vehicle interior surfaces.
  • Approved and tested formulation (Test EN14476 + A2:2019, effectiveness includes SARS-COV-2)
  • Effective for vehicle interior surfaces
  • The fine nebulization process of Aircomatic® allows the product to reach the surfaces in the vehicle interior that are difficult or impossible to reach with a manual clean.
  • Leaves vehicle with a pleasant fresh odor
  • Vehicle can be safely used after treatment (including ventilation time)
  • Easy to use

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.