WYNN’S WHEEL CLEANER is an innovative formulation for the cleaning of all type of metallic wheels with its exclusive NON-DRIP and COLOUR CHANGE effects, ensuring a complete removal of any dirt accumulated on the wheel surfaces.

  • Water-based product of neutral PH with the colour change & non-drip exclusive properties.
  • The NON-DRIP formulation allows the product to remain in contact with the wheel surface for longer time, improving the cleaning action.
  • The COLOUR CHANGE feature serves as visual proof of performance, turning the wheel colour to red as it breaks down the dirt.
  • Easy to use; apply, observe the colour change and remove the remaining dirt with ease.


 For all type of metallic wheels.
 Do not apply on hot surfaces.


 Spray the product directly on to the wheel surface.
 Let the product work for 2-3 minutes until the product becomes red.
 Rinse the product with a pressure washer or a hose.
 If required, brush the wheel surface for stubborn, ingrained dirt.
 Some dark spots might appear on the exposed disc surface and caliper after applying the product. They are completely innocuous and will disappear after driving a few hundred meters.

INITIAL CAUTION: If in doubt, test on a non-visible part first.


PN 42403 – 6x500 ml – EN/FR/DE/NL/IT/ES/PT



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