WYNN’S TYRE SHINE is formulated to protect tyres and rubber from ageing and sun damage whilst leaving a lustrous wet look ¬finish. Its special formulation helps rubber stay supple and prevents cracking and crazing of tyre walls. After application the colour is restored to tyres leaving a fantastic long-lasting wet look fi¬nish.

  • Silicone-based product specially formulated to provide an immaculate and durable finish of the tyres with a premium wet look finish.
  • Its unique composition imparts a completely renewed look to the tyres while protecting them from UV degradation.
  • Excellent shine on the wheels surface.
  • Long lasting wet look finish.
  • Original colour restoration.
  • Prevents from cracking and crazing of the tyre walls.


Can be used in all rubber and exterior plastic components, such as bumper restorer (in clear colour).


 Make sure the tyres are clean and dry before application.
 Shake the product well before use, then spray directly on to vertical, external surface of the tyre, avoiding the rolling side (central) of the tyre.
 Gently buff with a soft dry cloth until leaving a homogeneous finish.
 Let it dry.
 For precise application, spray directly on to the cloth and then apply it on the desired surface.


PN 41903 – 6x500 ml – EN/FR/DE/NL/IT/ES/PT



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