Tyre Fix

Wynn's Tyre Fix is a latex based product, packed in a pressurized spray can, for fixing and inflating punctured tyres.

  • Instantly repairs punctured tyres, without removing the wheel (holes of max. 6 mm for tubeless tyres and holes of 3 mm for tyres with inner tube).
  • Inflates the tyre (up to a pressure of 1,2 to 2,5 bar), so that one can immediately continue to drive at a moderate speed.
  • Is harmless to tyres and wheels.
  • The latex freezes at low temperatures, but obtains its original properties again when it is warmed up.
  • Can only be used for repairing small punctures in the running surface of the tyre.


For cars, motorcycles, caravans and trailers.
For tubeless tyres or tyres with inner tubes.


Thoroughly shake the spray can before use.
Ideal processing temperature 15°C to 25°C.
Search the object which has caused the puncture and remove it.


PN 43001 – 24x300 ml – EN/FR/DE/RU/CS/EL/NL



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