Supremium Diesel 1/1500


Wynn's Supremium® Diesel is an additive package developed to upgrade the quality of regular diesel fuel to premium-grade diesel fuel, especially in filling stations.

  • Cetane improver: Increases the cetane number of EN 590 diesel fuels by 2 to 4 points. o Reduction of NOx and particulates by up to 20%. Reduces fuel consumption by up to 4%. Eases cold starting.
  • Detergency: Cleans and keeps clean injectors and fuel system. Maintains and restores optimal engine performance (power). o Reduces black exhaust smoke due to an improved combustion.
  • Anti-foam: Reduces foam formation by up to 60%. No splashing back of fuel. Quicker and more complete filling-up of the tank (> 15 %).
  • Corrosion inhibitor: Prevents rust and corrosion in the injection system. Prevents pitting and wear on fuel system components.
  • Lubricity agent: Lubricates and protects fuel pump and injectors.


Recommended for all diesel engines of vehicles.
Also for red diesel fuel (road-construction vehicles, tractors, marine).


Normal dosage : 0,066 % (1 litre for 1500 litres diesel fuel).
If possible use a calibrated dosaging device (on tank lorry or storage tank).


W25399 – 200 l



Both modern cars and older vehicles have specific requirements, that have a chemical solution to provide the optimal engine performance and driving comfort. Modern fuel systems are highly tuned and therefore more susceptible to the negative effects of chemical reactions in the fuel. These lead to fouling of the fuel system, lack of lubrication, corrosion and other problems. Older vehicles experience problems to obtain the correct air/fuel ratio and combustion efficiency due to accumulation of deposits in the fuel system and wear on the components.