Start-Stop Engine Protector

Wynn's Start-Stop Engine Protector is an oil supplement ensuring that a protective oil film remains on engine parts during the stop/start process.

  • Ensures a protective oil film remains on engine parts during start/stop process.
  • Protects the engine and improves its resistance to wear.
  • Protects the engine oil against premature deterioration.
  • Restores loss of viscosity of the engine oil.
  • Improves cleanliness of engine oil and engine components.
  • Helps prevent expensive repair costs.
  • Compatible with all mineral, synthetic, single- and multigrade oils and suitable for regular and low SAPS applications.


For petrol, diesel, LPG and hybrid engines (with or without turbocharger).
Especially recommended for engines with “start/stop” technology.


Add contents of the metal can to the engine oil via the oil filler inlet and ensure not to overfill the crankcase.
1 metal can of 325 ml treats up to 5 litres of engine oil.


PN 77263 – 24x325 ml – EN/FR/DE/NL/ES/IT



City traffic, traffic jams and short drives lead to higher stress on today’s vehicles engines. Combined with too long oil change intervals, this can result in a premature degradation of oil properties and the engine components can cease to function normally in the oil system. Good lubrication is essential for your engine, but for some components such as the turbo it is crucial! Poor lubrication of the turbo can result in it jamming or being destroyed.

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