Injector Cleaner

for diesel engines

Wynn's Injector Cleaner for Diesel Engines is a treatment, which increases engine performance, reduces black smoke and improves MPG.

  • Cleans injectors and restores spray pattern.
  • Improves the ignition quality and combustion of diesel fuel.
  • Facilitates cold starting.
  • Reduces diesel knocking noises and soot particulates.
  • Reduces black exhaust smoke.
  • Cleans and protects the entire fuel system against rust and corrosion. ü Lubricates pumps and injectors.
  • Prevents fouling of the fuel filter.
  • Harmless for all after-treatment systems (EGR, Turbo, DPF, SCR, etc.).


Recommended for all diesel engines with or without turbocharger.
In case of diesel knocking, difficult starting, too much black exhaust smoke, poor functioning of pump and injectors, high fuel consumption.
Also suitable for bio-diesel up to B30.


Add one bottle of 325 ml to a minimum of 20 litres of diesel fuel.
For best result, use in every 3rd tank of fuel.
Bottle is also suitable for capless fuel fillers.


PN 51668 – 12x325 ml – EN



The fuel system of a car is highly engineered and extremely sensitive to contamination. This contamination can increase engine noise, exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and reduce lubrication and engine power. Using Wynn’s Fuel treatments on a regular basis will help keep the fuel system clean and the engine operating efficiently, reducing your fuel consumption and cutting harmful emissions drastically. It will save you money and it is good for the environment!