Hand Cleaner with natural micro granules

Wynn's Hand Cleaning Paste is a natural, biodegradable hand cleaner that does not contain petroleum solvent. It contains micro granules for a perfect and fast cleaning without the need to use water.


Removes grease, lubricants, adhesives, bitumen tar oils, paints, etc.
No water needed.
Contains tensioactive agents.
Does not generate blockages in drains.
Contains aloe vera, lanolin and jojoba oil to keep hands soft.
Cleans the hands with d-Limonene, a solvent that is extracted from oranges. It has a pleasant citrus scent and does not have artificial fragrances.
Leaves hands soft, not sticky.
Has the special cleaning feature without the use of petroleum solvents. It contains extra-fine pumice that thoroughly cleans the skin, but more gently than other hand cleaners of this type.


Spread the product on the dirty hands and rub with Wynn’s Hand Cleaning Paste (do not use water) until the dirt or grease dissolves.
After cleaning, wipe off any excess product/dirt from the hands with a dry cloth or rinse with water.


PN 77405 – 4x3,78 l – EN/FR/ES/PT/IT/NL/DE/PL/EL/SV/NO/FI/DA/AR


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