WYNN’S GLASS CLEANER is an innovative formulation for the cleaning of all type of glass.

  • Specially developed to remove bugs, dirt, grease, deposits, tobacco and vaping residues and traffic film from windscreens, light, mirrors, etc.
  • For inter interior and exterior use.
  • Contains non-drip formula that allows the product to remain in contact with the surface for a faster, and easier clean of the highest efficiency.
  • The encapsulated technology of the active ingredients helps to lave a smear-free finish and a fresh aroma.
  • Easy to use


For all types of glass: Windscreens, lights, mirrors and all vehicle body glass.


 Shake well before use.
 Spray directly onto the glass surface from an adequate distance (20-30 cm) to obtain the best non-drip effect.
 Buff gently using a soft and dry cloth until the surface is clean and the product removed.
 To obtain an optimal, clean surface free of any haze, buff it until any remaining product is completely eliminated, obtaining a homogenous surface appearance, free of any spot.
 Repeat the process if necessary.
 Essential to use a new or perfectly clean wipe to apply the product.


PN 43103 – 6x550 ml – EN/FR/DE/NL/IT/ES/PT



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