Wynn’s DPF Off-Car Cleaning Flush, for professional application, easily and efficiently cleans blocked diesel particulate filters after dismantling.

  • Eliminates excessive soot accumulation in diesel particulate filters after dismantling.
  • Restores engine power and improves engine response.
  • Helps to prevent the expensive exchange of the DPF.


For diesel engines equipped with all types of particulate filters.


1. Completely remove the diesel particulate filter out of the vehicle.
2. Suspend the DPF in upright position with the rear up.
3. Spray the entire content of the aerosol into the DPF from the top (in the opposite direction of the exhaust gas flow).
4. Let it work in for 20 minutes or until liquid flow at the bottom appears.
5. For extremely fouled filters, it may be necessary to use 2 aerosols.
6. Rinse thoroughly with 3 litres of hot water.
7. Blow gently inside the DPF before putting it back.
8. Let the engine run until normal operating temperature.
9. If necessary, carry out a regeneration.
Wynn’s cannot be held responsable for non-compliance with the directions for use.


PN 28779 - 12x500 ml – FR/RU/IT



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