• Diesel Air Intake Cleaner

Diesel Air Intake Cleaner

To be used with MultiSERVE

Wynn's Diesel Air Intake Cleaner is an extremely powerful treatment for removing deposits and soot contaminants. These deposits can cause a reduction of the air intake, disturbance of the EGR valve and air turbulence that leads to inefficient combustion, hesitation, rough idling and stalling.


- Removes swiftly deposits and soot contaminants from the intake manifold, inlet valves, valve seats and combustion chamber.
- Reduces exhaust emissions.
- Restores lost engine performance and ensures a smooth idling.
- Reduces fuel consumption.


For all diesel engines.
To be used only with Wynn’s MultiSERVE – see operating manual.
Do not add this product to your diesel fuel tank.


12x1 l – EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/RU



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