WYNN’S DASH CLEAN & PROTECT is a new way to clean and renew your dashboard. The product has been specially formulated for use on modern vehicles. The product cleans, restores and protects dashboards, touchscreens and interior trim.

  • Cleans, restores and protects dashboards and interior trim.
  • The active foam formula allows for precision application, avoiding overspray and contamination of windscreen.
  • Its Anti-Static & UV protection properties fight against the build-up of dust whilst preventing the discolouration and cracking of dashboards.
  • Fresh, pleasant, citrus fragrance.
  • Semi-Gloss finish.


Effective on plastic, leather, vinyl, rubber and wood.


Cleaning the dashboard and non-delicate plastic parts:

 Clean the dashboard or plastic surface by applying the product carefully on the surface or preferably on a cloth.
 Spread the product on the surface.
 Clean the surface gently, until complete drying.
 Repeat the process in worn areas and if persistent dirt is observed after the first cleaning.

Always test first by applying a little product in a small restricted area to ensure the compatibility of the cleaner with the surface to be cleaned.
Do not store at temperatures above 50 º C, protect from sunlight or do not use near heat sources.


PN 40303 – 6x300 ml – EN/FR/DE/NL/IT/ES/PT



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