Cleaner is Greener

Regenerates the blocked diesel soot filter. Super-Fast Result!

Wynn’s DPF Regenerator has specially been developed to regenerate the soot filter in a preventive or curative way. An active component in DPF Regenerator reduces the combustion temperature of the soot particles to ± 450°C. This means combustion of the soot particles takes place faster and more easily so there is less risk of a blocked filter.

If the warning lamp is only just on, Wynn’s DPF Regenerator can still be used, as it will burn some of the accumulated soot particles, allowing exhaust gases to flow through the filter and continue the filter regeneration process in a super-fast way ! With Wynn’s Diesel Particulate Filter Regenerator we contribute to a better environment. We ensure that the particulate filters do not miss their goal of significantly reducing harmful emissions.

Simply pour the content of the bottle in the fuel tank and the product does the rest. Wynn’s DPF R has a super-fast result, without dismantling!