Extreme Cooling System Degreaser

Wynn's Extreme Cooling System Degreaser removes oil and sludge in the cooling system of vehicles.

Cooling System Flush

Wynn's Cooling System Flush is a concentrated product designed to thoroughly clean all automotive cooling systems.

Cooling System Stop Leak

Wynn's Cooling System Stop Leak is a product designed to stop small leaks in the radiator and cooling system, with anti-corrosive properties.

Antifreeze Longlife

Wynn’s Antifreeze Longlife is a high quality concentrated blue cooling liquid with long lifetime which meets the actual normal standards and protects the cooling system against freezing and metal corrosion.

Cylinder Block Seal

Wynn's Cylinder Block Seal repairs cracks in cylinder blocks without dismantling.



Cooling system problems, such as leaks and insufficient cooling due to fouling of the system, are the primary cause of vehicle breakdowns. To prevent these problems Wynn’s recommends radiator treatments.

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