Aircomatic® III

Wynn’s Aircomatic® III is an equipment to be used with the products Wynn’s Airco-Clean® Ultrasonic for Cars, Wynn's Cabin Disinfection, Wynn’s Air Purifier for removal and prevention of bad odours in air-conditioning systems and vehicle interiors.


Wynn’s Airco-Clean® Ultrasonic for Cars stops bad odours in air conditioning systems.

Air Purifier

Wynn’s Air Purifier Ultrasonic Deodorizer removes and neutralizes odours and bad smells in vehicles, containers, boats and many other places.

Automatic Transmission Flush

Wynn's Automatic Transmission Flush is an oil soluble treatment developed to clean automatic gearboxes and restore their optimal operation.


Wynn’s TranServe® is a service machine which flushes the oil system of automatic gearboxes and which changes the ATF in a simple and effective way.

Injection System Purge

Wynn's Injection System Purge is a cleaning product to unclog dirt, varnish and carbon in fuel injectors and combustion chamber of vehicles. It has to be used with Wynn’s MultiSERVE or Wynn's FuelServe®.

Diesel System Purge

Wynn's Diesel System Purge is a cleaning product to eliminate dirt and deposits in diesel injection systems. It has to be used with Wynn's MultiSERVE or Wynn's FuelSystemSERVE.


Wynn's FuelSystemSERVE is an independently 12 V operating apparatus that effectively cleans injection systems of petrol and diesel engines without disassembly and during engine running.



Wynn’s offers professional equipment and the chemical solutions that ensure the optimal operation of all vehicle systems.

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